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Beautiful iceberg in the ocean with a vi


"We lit the fuse in the 1960s and the f@*&%! just blew up.

Welcome to The Neanderthal Feminist, a blog that looks at life as it could be were we to make the choice. Read on, and enjoy. keywords men and women, changing times, race relations

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This one is for Tom

If the human race were a human body...women would be the head, family would be the torso, and men would be the extremities.


My name is Mark and I am an Obama, Obama, Trump voter. It has been four years since I voted and I still do not regret it. My vote for...

Killing Our Own

The Question: We do not punish rapists by raping them and we do not punish arsonists by burning down their homes...why then do we punish...

About the Name

Life is about change and change is about tension. The tension that arises in our psyches' when something is out of whack and wants to...

Men and Women at the Crossroads

Hmmm, where to begin... Let’s start with the Neanderthals. There is growing evidence that Neanderthal clans did not separate labor by...

About the Iceberg

Culture is like an iceberg. So much of culture lies just below and way below the surface. Stuff above the waterline are...

The Browning of America

When I was 8 years old my family arrived in Dallas, Texas. Shortly after that we were visiting the public library where there was one of...

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